Air Ducts Cleaning

Of course, you only want the best for your family.

Should’t that include their IAQ?purestock_1574r-02639a_medium.jpg

Most people never
think about their
Indoor Air Quality.

Here's why you should....

Dust, pollen, viruses, animal dander, and more can accumulate in your air ducts and continue to re-circulate through the central air system.

These types of airborne contaminants can cause illness and aggravate the Symptoms of asthma and allergies. They can also decrease the efficiency and life expectancy of your heading and air conditioning system.


How does air duct cleaning works?

With Proben Techniques, Patented Technology and Video proof:

  •        Our professionals use unique technology,to show you what is in your Ducts.


  •     You can decide if need or want Air Ducts Cleaned or not


  •   For your complete satisfaction, we show you a video of your clean Air Ducts, so you can compare and notice the huge difference with your own eyes

When we are done with the Air Duct Cleaning, we give you the video proof, so you can confirm the efficiency of our service.

We also spray the ducts with an environmentally-friendly antimicrobial, leaving a fresh, clean scent

If you want clean air, give us a call right away, why wait, have your air duct cleaning ASAP
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·       After removing and cleaning the registers, we put our advanced method to work.


·       Brushing and extracting at the point of contact removes the contaminants in the ducts.